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Glycerine Foot Lotion & Cream Therapy for Dry & Cracked Feet

With Magical Healing Powers, Tessitas Secret Glycerine Foot Lotion & Cream Therapy instantly cools and soothes dry, chapped, cracked, tired or sore feet and skin.

Wonderfully fragranced and blended with menthol and other healing ingredients, you'll love the healing qualities of this superior Glycerine Foot Lotion product.

This superior Glycerine Foot Therapy, Lotion & Cream is also used for Foot Pain relief. Our Glycerine Foot Cream has been used by thousands of people all over the United States and Canada and continues to be one of the best healing glycerin and menthol based foot lotions and foot creams available anywhere.

Foot cream from Tessitas Secret is available in 4oz and 8oz jars in a beautiful Desert label and comes with a tamper proof seal to protect you and keep the product fresh.

Wonderfully scented, this Glycerine Foot Therapy, Lotion & Cream for Dry Skin comes in a mango mint fragrance you will absolutely love!

- 4oz $6.00 - 8oz $8.00


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