Glycerine Hand Cream Lotion
glycerine hand therapy

Cactus Nectar Glycerine Hand Cream
Cactus Nectar Hand Cream
Enticing and addictive tropical blends.
· 2oz = $4 · 4oz = $6 · 8oz = $8
Arizona's Secret Glycerine Hand Therapy
Arizona's Secret Hand Therapy
Light floral mix of Lilac and Lilly's.
· 2oz = $4 · 4oz = $6 · 8oz = $8
Desert Bouquet Glycerine Hand Lotion
Desert Bouquet Hand Lotion
Exotic and Alluring Floral.
· 2oz = $4 · 4oz = $6 · 8oz = $8
Spring Rain Glycerine Hand Cream
Spring Rain Hand Cream
Fresh, Clean & Smooth. Our lightest fragrance!
· 2oz = $4 · 4oz = $6 · 8oz = $8
glycerine hand therapy lotion cream

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Desert Coolcumber Glycerine Hand Lotion
Desert Coolcumber Hand Lotion
Cool, Clean & Refreshing Cucumber.
· 2oz = $4 · 4oz = $6 · 8oz = $8

Glycerine Hand Cream Lotion Therapy

Thick & Rich Smooth & Silky, Tessitas Secret's Glycerine Hand Cream Lotion Therapy totally heals dry, chapped or cracked hands and skin while retaining the moisture for hours.

glycerine hand therapy cream lotion

Our Glycerine Hand Cream Lotion Therapy is blended with the highest quality of Glycerine, Aloe Vera, Almond Oil & Botanical Herbs which promotes healing of dry, chapped or cracked hands and skin while providing a moisturizing non-greasy wonderful smooth silky feeling almost immediately after application.

Available in five awesome fragrances and three different size jars, Tessitas Secret Glycerine Hand Cream is also packaged in an attractive Desert Botanical label design and all jars come sealed with tamper proof wraps for your protection while preserving the freshness!

Made in Arizona since 1997, Tessitas Secret's Glycerine Hand Creams have been sold throughout gift shops, resorts, spas and boutiques. Now buy direct from the manufacturer and save on the best Glycerin Hand Cream Lotion Therapy available anywhere at the lowest price!

Experience the "Magical Healing Powers" only Tessitas Secret Southwest Glycerin Hand Cream Lotion Therapy can provide!

Lowest price on the Web!

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